Kildares labirints

Izbaudiet izaicinošu un aizraujošu ģimenes dienu ar vecām labām izklaidēm par pieņemamu cenu. Leinster lielākais dzīvžogu labirints svaigā gaisā ir pasakaina vieta ģimenēm, lai kopā izbaudītu dienu.

Your challenge in the Hedge Maze is to find your way through 1.5 acres of hedge lined with paths to the viewing tower at the centre of the maze. You are bound to get lost, there’s over 2km of paths and are guaranteed to have loads of fun finding your way. From the viewing tower enjoy panoramic views to the surrounding countryside and counties or simply enjoy the view over the maze revealing it’s layout. St. Brigid, the patron saint of Kildare was the inspiration for the design, which comprises the St. Brigid’s cross located within four quadrants, the centre of the cross being the centre of the maze.

The Wooden Maze is an exciting time challenge and the route is changed frequently to keep you on your toes!

Also included is an Adventure Trail, Zip Wire, Crazy Golf and for younger visitors, a toddler’s play area. Snacks and refreshments are available at the shop on site.

Online Booking is Essential

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Open weekends in May & September
7 Days June, July & August
10am-1pm Session OR 2pm-6pm Session
Subject to change, please visit for further details